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T-CANN-329-Mg   329 Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-329-Yl   329 Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-329-Set   329, Set of 4 (Compatible Toner)
T-HP-32A   32A (CF232A, Compatible)
T-CANN-331Cy   331 Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-331Mg   331 Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-331Yl   331 Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-331-Set   331, Set of 4 (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-331-II-Bk   331-II Black (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-331-II-Bk-P2   331-II Black, Pack of 2 (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-333   333 (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-333-P2   333 Pack of 2 (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-337   337 (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-337-P2   337, Pack of 2 (Compatible Toner)
T-HP-33A   33A (CF233A, Compatible)
T-HP-34A   34A (CF234A, Compatible)
T-HP-35A   35A (CB435A, Compatible)
T-HP-35A-P2   35A, Pack of 2 (CB435A, Compatible)
T364Cy-SLG   364 Cyan (Compatible)
T364Mg-SLG   364 Magenta (Compatible)
T364Yl-SLG   364 Yellow (Compatible)
T-HP-36A   36A (CB436A, Compatible)
T-HP-38A   38A (Q1338A, Compatible)
T-HP-38A-P2   38A, Pack of 2 (Q1338A, Compatible)
T-HP-39A   39A (Q1339A, Compatible)
T-HP-39A-P2   39A, Pack of 2 (Q1339A, Compatible)
T-HP-410ABk   410A Black (CF410A, Compatible)
T-HP-410ACy   410A Cyan (CF411A, Compatible)
T-HP-410AMg   410A Magenta (CF413A, Compatible)
T-HP-410AS4   410A Set of 4 (CF410A-CF413A, Compatible)
T-HP-410AYl   410A Yellow (CF412A, Compatible)
T-HP-410XBk   410X Black (CF410X, Compatible)
T-HP-410XCy   410X Cyan (CF411X, Compatible)
T-HP-410XMg   410X Magenta (CF413X, Compatible)
T-HP-410XS4   410X Set of 4 (CF410X-CF413X, Compatible)
T-HP-410XYl   410X Yellow (CF412X, Compatible)
T-CANN-416-Bk   416 Black (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-416-Cy   416 Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-416-Mg   416 Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-416-Yl   416 Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-416-Set   416, Set of 4 (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-418Bk   418 Black (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-418Cy   418 Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-418Mg   418 Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-418Yl   418 Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-CANN-418Set   418, Set of 4 (Compatible Toner)
T-HP-42X   42X (Q5942X, Compatible)
T-HP-42X-P2   42X, Pack of 2 (Q5942X, Compatible)
HP45-Bk-SLG   45, Black Ink (Compatible)
T-HP-45A   45A (Q5945A, Compatible)
T-HP-48A   48A (CF248A, Compatible)
T-HP-48A-P2   48A Pack of 2 (CF248A, Compatible)
T-HP-49X   49X (Q5949X, Compatible)
T-HP-49X-P2   49X, Pack of 2 (Q5949X, Compatible)
RF-DI-5F2   5 for 2 FREE, Your Choice, 7 x 100ml
T-HP-504A-Bk   504A Black (CE250A, Compatible)
T-HP-504A-Cy   504A Cyan (CE251A, Compatible)
T-HP-504A-Mg   504A Magenta (CE253A, Compatible)
T-HP-504A-Set   504A Set of 4 (CE250A-CE253A, Compatible)
T-HP-504A-Yl   504A Yellow (CE252A, Compatible)
T-HP-507A-Bk   507A Black (CE400A, Compatible)
T-HP-507A-Cy   507A Cyan (CE401A, Compatible)
T-HP-507A-Mg   507A Magenta (CE403A, Compatible)
T-HP-507A-Set   507A Set of 4 (CE400A-CE403A, Compatible)
T-HP-507A-Yl   507A Yellow (CE402A, Compatible)
T-HP-508A-Bk   508A Black (CF360A, Compatible)
T-HP-508A-Cy   508A Cyan (CF361A, Compatible)
T-HP-508A-Mg   508A Magenta (CF363A, Compatible)
T-HP-508A-Set   508A Set of 4 (CF360A-CF363A, Compatible)
T-HP-508A-Yl   508A Yellow (CF362A, Compatible)
T-HP-51X   51X (Q7551X, Compatible)
T-HP-51X-P2   51X, Pack of 2 (Q7551X, Compatible)
T-HP-53X   53X (Q7553X, Compatible)
T-HP-53X-P2   53X, Pack of 2 (Q7553X, Compatible)
T-HP-55A   55A (CE255A, Compatible)
T-HP-55A-P2   55A, Pack of 2 (CE255A, Compatible)
T-HP-55X   55X (CE255X, Compatible)
T-HP-55X-P2   55X, Pack of 2 (CE255X, Compatible)
HP56-Bk-SLG   56, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP564XL-BK-SLG   564XL Black (Compatible)
HP564XL-C-SLG   564XL Cyan (Compatible)
HP564XL-M-SLG   564XL Magenta (Compatible)
HP564XL-PBK-SLG   564XL Photo Black (Compatible)
HP564XL-Y-SLG   564XL Yellow (Compatible)
P12-HP564XL-SLG   564XL, Pack of 12 (Compatible)
P6-HP564XL-SLG   564XL, Pack of 6 (Compatible)
HP57-TriCol-SLG   57, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
HP58-Photo-SLG   58, Photo Ink (Compatible)
T-DL-592-11943   592-11943 (Compatible)
T-DL-593-BBKD   593-BBKD (Compatible)
HP60XL-Bk-SLG   60XL, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP60XL-TriCol-SLG   60XL, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
HP61XL-Bk-SLG   61XL, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP61XL-TriCol-SLG   61XL, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
HP62XL-Bk-SLG   62XL, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP62XL-TriCol-SLG   62XL, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
HP63XL-Bk-SLG   63XL, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP63XL-TriCol-SLG   63XL, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
T-HP-641A-Bk   641A Black (C9720A, Compatible)
T-HP-641A-C   641A Cyan (C9721A, Compatible)
T-HP-641A-M   641A Magenta (C9723A, Compatible)
T-HP-641A-Y   641A Yellow (C9722A, Compatible)
T-HP-645A-Bk   645A Black (C9730A, Compatible)
T-HP-645A-Cy   645A Cyan (C9731A, Compatible)
T-HP-645A-Mg   645A Magenta (C9733A, Compatible)
T-HP-645A-Set   645A Set of 4 (C9730-C9733A, Compatible)
T-HP-645A-Yl   645A Yellow (C9732A, Compatible)
T-HP-647A-Bk   647A Black (CE260A, Compatible)
T-HP-647A-Set   647A Set of 4 (CE260A - CE263A, Compatible)
T-HP-648A-Cy   648A Cyan (CE261A, Compatible)
T-HP-648A-Mg   648A Magenta (CE263A, Compatible)
T-HP-648A-Yl   648A Yellow (CE262A, Compatible)
T-HP-64A   64A (CC364A, Compatible)
T-HP-64A-P2   64A, Pack of 2 (CC364A, Compatible)
T-HP-64X   64X (CC364X, Compatible)
T-HP-64X-P2   64X, Pack of 2 (CC364X, Compatible)
T-HP-652A-Set   652A 653A Set (CF320A - CF323A, Compatible)
T-HP-652A-Bk   652A Black (CF320A, Compatible)
T-HP-653A-C   653A Cyan (CF321A, Compatible)
T-HP-653A-M   653A Magenta (CF323A, Compatible)
T-HP-653A-Y   653A Yellow (CF322A, Compatible)
HP65XL-Bk-SLG   65XL, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP65XL-TC-SLG   65XL, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
P8A-E73N-SLG   73N, Pack of 8 (Compatible)
P12A-E73N-SLG   73N. Pack of 12 (Compatible)
HP74XL-Bk-SLG   74XL, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP75XL-TriCol-SLG   75XL, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
HP78-TriCol-SLG   78, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
T-HP-78A   78A (CE278A, Compatible)
T-HP-78A-P2   78A, Pack of 2 (CE278A, Compatible)
T-HP-79A   79A (CF279A, Compatible)
T-HP-79A-P2   79A, Pack of 2 (CF279A, Compatible)
T-HP-80A   80A (CF280A, Compatible)
T-HP-80A-P2   80A, Pack of 2 (CF280A, Compatible)
T-HP-80X   80X (CF280X, Compatible)
T-HP-80X-P2   80X, Pack of 2 (CF280X, Compatible)
T-HP-81A   81A (CF281A, Compatible)
T-HP-81A-P2   81A, Pack of 2 (CF281A, Compatible)
T-HP-81X   81X (CF281X, Compatible)
T-HP-81X-P2   81X, Pack of 2 (CF281X, Compatible)
P18A-E82N-SLG   82N, Pack of 18 (Compatible) CHOOSE any 18 Colours
P6A-E82N-SLG   82N, Pack of 6 (Compatible) CHOOSE any 6 Colours.
P12A-E82N-SLG   82N. Pack of 12 Cartridges (Compatible)
T-HP-83A   83A (CF283A, Compatible)
T-HP-83A-P2   83A, Pack of 2 (CF283A, Compatible)
T-HP-83X   83X (CF283X, Compatible)
T-HP-83X-P2   83X, Pack of 2 (CF283X, Compatible)
T-HP-85A   85A (CE285A, Compatible)
T-HP-85A-P2   85A, Pack of 2 (CE285A, Compatible)
P12-T085N-SLG   85N, Pack of 12 (Compatible)
P8-T085N-SLG   85N, Pack of 8 (Compatible)
T-HP-87A   87A (CF287A, Compatible)
T-HP-87A-P2   87A Pack of 2 (CF287A, Compatible)
T-HP-87X   87X (CF287X, Compatible)
T-HP-87X-P2   87X Pack of 2 (CF287X, Compatible)
HP88-Bk-SLG   88 XL Black Ink (Compatible)
HP88-C-SLG   88 XL Cyan Ink (Compatible)
HP88-M-SLG   88 XL Magenta Ink (Compatible)
HP88-Y-SLG   88 XL Yellow Ink (Compatible)
HP901-TC-SLG   901, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)
HP901XL-Bk-SLG   901XL, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP905XL-BK-SLG   905XL Black (Compatible)
HP905XL-C-SLG   905XL Cyan (Compatible)
HP905XL-M-SLG   905XL Magenta (Compatible)
P4-HP905XL-SLG   905XL Pack of 4 (Compatible)
P8-HP905XL-SLG   905XL Pack of 8 (Compatible)
HP905XL-Y-SLG   905XL Yellow (Compatible)
T-HP-90A   90A (CE390A, Compatible)
T-HP-90A-P2   90A, Pack of 2 (CE390A, Compatible)
T-HP-90X   90X (CE390X, Compatible)
T-HP-90X-P2   90X, Pack of 2 (CE390X, Compatible)
P12A-E91N-SLG   91N, Pack of 12 (Compatible)
P8A-E91N-SLG   91N, Pack of 12 (Compatible)
P18A-E91N-SLG   91N, Pack of 18 (Compatible) CHOOSE any 18 Colours
HP920XL-BK-SLG   920XL Black (Compatible)
HP920XL-C-SLG   920XL Cyan (Compatible)
HP920XL-M-SLG   920XL Magenta (Compatible)
HP920XL-Y-SLG   920XL Yellow (Compatible)
P6F-HP920XL-SLG   920XL, Pack of 6 (Compatible)
T-HP-92A   92A (C4092A, Compatible)
T-HP-92A-P2   92A, Pack of 2 (C4092A, Compatible)
HP932XL-BK-SLG   932XL Black (Compatible)
P6-HP932XL-BK-SLG   932XL/933XL Pack of 6 (Compatible)
HP932XL-C-SLG   933XL Cyan (Compatible)
HP932XL-M-SLG   933XL Magenta (Compatible)
HP932XL-Y-SLG   933XL Yellow (Compatible)
P5-HP934XL-Bk-SLG   934XL / 935XL Pack of 5 (Compatible)
HP934XL-Bk-SLG   934XL Black (Compatible)
HP935XL-Cy-SLG   935XL Cyan (Compatible)
HP935XL-Mg-SLG   935XL Magenta (Compatible)
HP935XL-Yl-SLG   935XL Yellow (Compatible)
T-HP-93A   93A (CZ192A, Compatible)
T-HP-93A-P2   93A, Pack of 2 (CF281A, Compatible)
HP94-BK-SLG   94, Black Ink (Compatible)
HP940XL-BK-SLG   940XL Black (Compatible)
HP940XL-C-SLG   940XL Cyan (Compatible)
HP940XL-M-SLG   940XL Magenta (Compatible)
HP940XL-Y-SLG   940XL Yellow (Compatible)
P4F-HP940XL-SLG   940XL, Pack of 4 (Compatible)
HP95-TriCol-SLG   95, Tri-Colour Ink (Compatible)

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