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HP950-Bk-SLG   950 XL Black (CN045AA, Compatible)
P5-HP950-Bk-SLG   950XL/951XL Pack of 5 (Compatible)
HP951-Cy-SLG   951 XL Cyan (CN046AA, Compatible)
HP951-Mg-SLG   951 XL Magenta (CN047AA, Compatible)
HP951-Yl-SLG   951 XL Yellow (CN048AA, Compatible)
HP955-Bk-SLG   955 XL Black (LOS72AA, Compatible)
HP955-CY-SLG   955 XL Cyan (LOS63AA, Compatible)
HP955-MG-SLG   955 XL Magenta (LOS66AA, Compatible)
HP955-YL-SLG   955 XL Yellow (LOS69AA, Compatible)
HP970XL-BK-SLG   970XL Black (Compatible)
HP971XL-CY-SLG   971XL Cyan (Compatible)
HP971XL-Mg-SLG   971XL Magenta (Compatible)
HP971XL-Yi-SLG   971XL Yellow (Compatible)
HP975X-BK-SLG   975X Black (Compatible)
HP975X-C-SLG   975X Cyan (Compatible)
HP975X-M-SLG   975X Magenta (Compatible)
HP975X-Y-SLG   975X Yellow (Compatible)
HP99-Photo-SLG   99, Photo Ink (Compatible)
DB-AUTO-SMS-Pro8   Auto SMS System,SMS Pro8 - GSM Modem
BCI-3eC-SLG   BCI-3e Cyan (Compatible)
BCI-3eM-SLG   BCI-3e Magenta (Compatible)
BCI-3eY-SLG   BCI-3e Yellow (Compatible)
BCI-3eBK-SLG   BCI-3eBK (Compatible)
P6A-BCI6-SLG   BCI-6, Pack of 6 (Compatible) CHOOSE any 6 Colours.
P12A-BCI6-SLG   BCI-6. Pack of 12 Cartridges (Compatible)
BCI-6BK-SLG   BCI-6BK (Compatible)
BCI-6C-SLG   BCI-6C (Compatible)
BCI-6G-SLG   BCI-6G (Compatible)
BCI-6M-SLG   BCI-6M (Compatible)
BCI-6PBk-SLG   BCI-6PBk (Compatible)
BCI-6PC-SLG   BCI-6PC (Compatible)
BCI-6PM-SLG   BCI-6PM (Compatible)
BCI-6R-SLG   BCI-6R (Compatible)
BCI-6Y-SLG   BCI-6Y (Compatible)
RF-DI-BK   Black Premium Dye Ink, 100ml
RF-DI-3BK   Black Premium Dye Ink, 3 x 100ml
RF-TP-Bk   Black Toner Powder, 100g
BT-5000C   BT-5000C (Compatible)
BT-5000M   BT-5000M (Compatible)
BT-5000Y   BT-5000Y (Compatible)
BT-6000BK   BT-6000BK (Compatible)
T-EP-C1700-1750-Bk   C1700/1750 Black (C13S050614, Compatible)
T-EP-C1700-1750-Cyan   C1700/1750 Cyan (C13S050613, Compatible)
T-EP-C1700-1750-Mg   C1700/1750 Magenta (S050612, Compatible)
T-EP-C1700-1750-Yl   C1700/1750 Yellow (C13S050611, Compatible)
T-EP-C1700-1750-Bk-P2   C1700/1750, Pack of 2 (C13S050614, Compatible)
T-EP-C1700-1750-Set   C1700/1750, Set of 4 (C13S050611-4, Compatible)
T-EP-C2900-29NF-Bk   C2900/CX29NF Black (C13S050630, Compatible)
T-EP-C2900-29NF-Cy   C2900/CX29NF Cyan (C13S050629, Compatible)
T-EP-C2900-29NF-Mg   C2900/CX29NF Magenta (C13S050628, Compatible)
T-EP-C2900-29NF-Yl   C2900/CX29NF Yellow (C13S050627, Compatible)
T-EP-C2900-CX29NF-Set   C2900/CX29NF, Set of 4 (C13S050627-30, Compatible)
CL-41RF-SLG   CL-41 (Refill System)
CL-41Col-SLG   CL-41, Colour Ink (Remanufactured)
CL-57RF-SLG   CL-57 (Refill System)
CL-741RF-SLG   CL-741 (Refill System)
CL-741XLCol-SLG   CL-741XL, Colour Ink (Remanufactured)
CL-746RF-SLG   CL-746 (Refill System)
CL-746XLCol-SLG   CL-746XL, Colour Ink (Remanufactured)
CL-811RF-SLG   CL-811 (Refill System)
CL-811XL-SLG   CL-811XL (Remanufactured)
CL-831RF-SLG   CL-831 (Refill System)
CL-831-SLG   CL-831, Colour Ink (Remanufactured)
CL-98RF-SLG   CL-98 (Refill System)
P5F-CLI36-SLG   CLI-36, Pack of 5 (Compatible)
CLI-36C-SLG   CLI-36C, Colour Ink (Remanufactured)
CLI-726BK-SLG   CLI-726BK (Compatible)
CLI-726C-SLG   CLI-726C (Compatible)
CLI-726Gy-SLG   CLI-726Gy (Compatible)
CLI-726M-SLG   CLI-726M (Compatible)
CLI-726Y-SLG   CLI-726Y (Compatible)
CLI-751XL-BK-SLG   CLI-751XL BK (Compatible)
CLI-751XL-C-SLG   CLI-751XL C (Compatible)
CLI-751XL-Gy-SLG   CLI-751XL Gy (Compatible)
CLI-751XL-M-SLG   CLI-751XL M (Compatible)
CLI-751XL-Y-SLG   CLI-751XL Y (Compatible)
CLI-771XL-BK-SLG   CLI-771XL BK (Compatible)
CLI-771XL-CY-SLG   CLI-771XL CY (Compatible)
CLI-771XL-GY-SLG   CLI-771XL GY (Compatible)
CLI-771XL-MG-SLG   CLI-771XL MG (Compatible)
CLI-771XL-YL-SLG   CLI-771XL YL (Compatible)
CLI-781XL-BK-SLG   CLI-781XL BK (Compatible)
CLI-781XL-C-SLG   CLI-781XL C (Compatible)
CLI-781XL-M-SLG   CLI-781XL M (Compatible)
CLI-781XL-PB-SLG   CLI-781XL PB (Compatible)
CLI-781XL-Y-SLG   CLI-781XL Y (Compatible)
P12-CLI8-SLG   CLI-8, Pack of 8 (Compatible)
P8A-CLI8-SLG   CLI-8, Pack of 8 (Compatible)
CLI-821BK-SLG   CLI-821BK (Compatible)
CLI-821C-SLG   CLI-821C (Compatible)
CLI-821GY-SLG   CLI-821GY (Compatible)
CLI-821M-SLG   CLI-821M (Compatible)
CLI-821Y-SLG   CLI-821Y (Compatible)
CLI-8BK-SLG   CLI-8BK (Compatible)
CLI-8C-SLG   CLI-8C (Compatible)
CLI-8M-SLG   CLI-8M (Compatible)
CLI-8PC-SLG   CLI-8PC (Compatible)
CLI-8PM-SLG   CLI-8PM (Compatible)
CLI-8Y-SLG   CLI-8Y (Compatible)
T-SS-404S-Set   CLT-404S Set (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-406K-Set   CLT-406S Set (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-407K-Set   CLT-407S Set (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-503L-Set   CLT-503L Set (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-504S-Set   CLT-504S Set (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-508L-Set   CLT-508L Set (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-404C   CLT-C404S Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-406C   CLT-C406 Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-407C   CLT-C407S Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-409C   CLT-C409S Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-503C   CLT-C503L Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-504C   CLT-C504S Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-506C   CLT-C506L Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-508C   CLT-C508L Cyan (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-404K   CLT-K404S Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-406K   CLT-K406S Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-407K   CLT-K407S Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-409K   CLT-K409S Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-409K-P2   CLT-K409S Black (Compatible Toner) Pack of 2
T-SS-409K-Set   CLT-K409S Set (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-503K   CLT-K503L Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-504K   CLT-K504S Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-506K   CLT-K506L Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-506K-Set   CLT-K506L Set (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-508K   CLT-K508L Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-404M   CLT-M404S Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-406M   CLT-M406S Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-407M   CLT-M407S Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-409M   CLT-M409S Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-503M   CLT-M503L Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-504M   CLT-M504S Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-506M   CLT-M506L Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-508M   CLT-M508L Magenta (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-W406   CLT-W406 Black (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-W506   CLT-W506 (Compatible Waste Box)
T-SS-404Y   CLT-Y404S Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-406Y   CLT-Y406S Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-407Y   CLT-Y407S Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-409Y   CLT-Y409S Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-503Y   CLT-Y503L Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-504Y   CLT-Y504S Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-506Y   CLT-Y506L Yellow (Compatible Toner)
T-SS-508Y   CLT-Y508L Yellow (Compatible Toner)
RF-DI-CMYK   CMYK Premium Dye Ink, 4 x 100ml
Tp-DK-11201   Compatible DK11201 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11202   Compatible DK11202 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11203   Compatible DK11203 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11204   Compatible DK11204 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11207   Compatible DK11207 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11208   Compatible DK11208 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11209   Compatible DK11209 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11221   Compatible DK11221 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11240   Compatible DK11240 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-11241   Compatible DK11241 Label (Die Cut)
Tp-DK-22113   Compatible DK22113 Film (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22205   Compatible DK22205 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22210   Compatible DK22210 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22211   Compatible DK22211 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22212   Compatible DK22212 Film (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22214   Compatible DK22214 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22223   Compatible DK22223 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22225   Compatible DK22225 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22243   Compatible DK22243 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-22606   Compatible DK22606 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-44205   Compatible DK44205 Tape (Continuous)
Tp-DK-44605   Compatible DK44605 Tape (Continuous)
LM-10058XL-Bk   Compatible Lexmark 100XL, 105XL, 108XL Black
LM-10058XL-Cy   Compatible Lexmark 100XL, 105XL, 108XL Cyan
LM-10058XL-Mg   Compatible Lexmark 100XL, 105XL, 108XL Magenta
LM-10058XL-Yl   Compatible Lexmark 100XL, 105XL, 108XL Yellow
Tp-M-K131e   Compatible M-K131
Tp-M-K221e   Compatible M-K221
Tp-M-K231e   Compatible M-K231
Tp-M-K621e   Compatible M-K621
Tp-M-K631e   Compatible M-K631
Tp-TZ2-131S   Compatible TZ-S131
Tp-TZ2-135S   Compatible TZ-S135
Tp-TZ2-231S   Compatible TZ-S231
Tp-TZ2-241s   Compatible TZ-S241
Tp-TZ2-441s   Compatible TZ-S441
Tp-TZ2-531S   Compatible TZ-S531
Tp-TZ2-631S   Compatible TZ-S631
Tp-TZ2-641s   Compatible TZ-S641
Tp-TZ2-731S   Compatible TZ-S731
Tp-TZ2-111e   Compatible TZe-111
Tp-TZ2-121e   Compatible TZe-121
Tp-TZ2-122e   Compatible TZe-122
Tp-TZ2-123e   Compatible TZe-123
Tp-TZ2-131e   Compatible TZe-131
Tp-TZ2-132e   Compatible TZe-132
Tp-TZ2-133e   Compatible TZe-133
Tp-TZ2-135e   Compatible TZe-135
Tp-TZ2-141e   Compatible TZe-141
Tp-TZ2-142e   Compatible TZe-142
Tp-TZ2-143e   Compatible TZe-143
Tp-TZ2-151e   Compatible TZe-151
Tp-TZ2-161e   Compatible TZe-161
Tp-TZ2-211e   Compatible TZe-211
Tp-TZ2-221e   Compatible TZe-221
Tp-TZ2-222e   Compatible TZe-222
Tp-TZ2-223e   Compatible TZe-223

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