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Company Registered Number : 53225873L
3 Soon Lee Street, Pioneer Junction #05-06/07 Singapore 627606

T : 6681 6651 | M : 9696 7657 | Email : [email protected]

Our Intentions
We strive to obtain quality products for our customers that produce remarkable printing quality at a price that is considerably cheaper and reasonable. We want you, the customers, to know that you are getting good values from these alternatives that we provide without compromising on quality when compared to the original ink or toner cartridges. We also want you to know that you can obtain your products in a convenient and consistent fashion.

Premium Cartrdiges

Compatible and re-manufactured cartridges come in various grades. Over the years we source and retain premium quality suppliers that utilise premium grade ink liquid and toner powder from Taiwan and Japan and top grade OPC drum unit to ensure good quality print outs. Even with higher cost of acquisition, we believe it is one of the critical assurances for a long-term business relationship.

Reliable Suppliers
As such, we only import our products from reliable sources that have achieved international quality management recognitions like ISO14001. ISO9001. REACH. SGS, etc., manfacturers with at least 5 years to over 10 years in the industry in producing these goods. The ink and toner cartridges that we sell are backed by manufacturers that have over 100 employees, stringent QC processes and a team of qualified and experienced R&D researchers who continually explore new products to keep abreast with the market demands.

Convenient Transactions
Sourcing for reliable products is only the first part of our equation. We want to make sure that you can obtain the products easily and quickly when needed without imposing too much restrictions on your orders. That is why we try to design our package that will be flexible to you and with many varieties. We always treasure feedbacks. To make purchasing simple, convenient and easy for you, we welcome various form of purchasing methods like ordering through a simple phone call, email ([email protected]), SMS (96967657), Whatapps and of course our online store.

Flexible, Varied and Secured Purchase Modes
We want you to be comfortable to do business with us and to build a long term business relationship. Having various payment methods like Cash Payments, Cheque Payment, Simple Cheque Drop, ATM deposits, Bank Transfers and Credit/Debit Card Payments through your familiar PayPal secured payment gateway will hopefully make you be at ease. We understand that a relationship is built on communications, feedbacks and repsonses. Therefore, we value, appreciate and are attentive to your feedbacks.

Our Commitments
One thing that we are sure, we know that we are around because we can serve your needs so that you will have a pleasant experience with us. We keep our focus on that and we are committed to better ourselves in all possible ways we can.

Awarded by Singapore Business Incorporation

Our Banks

Account Name : SpringLife Global

Bank : DBS
Account : SpringLife Global
Account Number : 002-906540-6

For local ATM or Bank Transfer : DBS 002-906540-6

Bank : OCBC
Bank Code : 7339
Branch Code : 514
Account : SpringLife Global
Account Number : 777747-001

For local ATM or Bank Transfer : OCBC 514-777747-001

Alternate-Bank Transfer Account

POSB 058-50380-0 (Saving)

For general information or inquiries please call us : 6681 6651

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